Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Letter to Love

Tonight's letter is going to have a different tone. You know, I am an
explorer. I explore the spirit, and I explore the heart. Of many of the
spiritual traditions of the world. there is a connection with the most
basic human forms of love, to that highest peak of godliness and bliss. Many
western cultures have destroyed that connection through the
of guilt and sin. In man's societies that impluse has been programmed so
strong that many blocks are created. In  societies these would be determined by religion, social status and various taboos particular to a culture. These are not universal.  So even though we are bombarded
with sex and love in the media, very few find that spiritual element of
Love.  It has been reduced to shame.  We are not suppose to feel love
outside of our bonds that we have created. How can we have those
soulmates outside of what is suppose to be reserved only to those we
have made a commitment,  to love only, and to forsake all others? But
sometimes it happens. Why does it happen? We are never too sure. It is
like we are on a road, on a journey, but is it really aimless, are we
serendipetiously being tossed by the wind?  It is, if our ears are not
open to hear what is being said. There is a guide, and that guide is
the wind, but the whispered truth within the wind. Attune yourself to
spirit, and it will speak to you in love. That spirit is gentle, it
persuades in the softest of voices. All hearts long to hear those
The messages never become louder, only clearer. The noise of the world
is much.
 Beyond all rightness and wrongness there is a garden, meet me
there.  In that place we can hold each other.  We can stop and listen. Do
we hear those words, I am loved, I am safe, nothing is wrong, I can
If we do, then we can say, things are OK.  If we don't hear that,
then we must sit and wait. The love is always there waiting also. Love
is that spirit. it is a part of ourselves that watches over us. It is
not something that forces itself upon us. It is not possessive or
conditional. Love is gentle and kind. That love is unconditional. There
are no  rules, there is nothing that binds. It is absolute freedom. And
only those who have courage, truth, and love, that can take the journey.
Love does not produce fear, or dishonesty.  It opens us up. In those
frail moments of weakness, it heals. This Love is not confined to a
marriage that people hold sacred. It is more universal.  It can happen
from a stranger's smile, from a baby's cry, from a good friend.  It is
not the earthly passion of physical embraces, but it can start there.
Even the simpliest of gestures of acceptance of another, it can start
there.  It can start as a touch, a sight, a hearing of words. It always
begins where we are and what we are, and that is because to reach that
love is only a matter of accepting ourselves  where we are and what we
are.  Nothing more is needed. 
We see the compassion of a Buddha or a
Christ, and we think that they so far away, we can never be like them.
They are like gods in our minds. We cry to God... Help Me know this
Send this love to me. Send someone to me that I may know this love.  We
desire love and romance so that we may feel loved.  We think that this
love  comes from them.  And many times, find disappointments.  We search
in the wrong place.  When we say, come to me this love, what are we
really saying to ourselves? That we don't have this love.  And all the
while, it was always there, hidden inside our own selves. There is a
beautiful lyric in a song called Desire, which says...I love you, I
myself, I love myself, I love you. The love that you get is really the
love that you give. You have always had this love within you. it was
only that life experiences had covered the eyes so that we may not see.
And sometimes we meet a good friend that helps us to see the beauty
is hidden. Then we look at others in a different light. we see
another, and say, oh my god, they are so much like me. I am seeing
I am seeing my soul in that other person. And so it is, we are. We have
become drunk with that spirit.  It is a touch of the divine.  Men have
fought and die to try to possess this love. but it never comes by
It can only be allowed. And love is a force that can never overtake
will.  It is always our will to choose the closing and opening. Love
surrenders to us, when we surrender to love, It is always there, just
waiting... Waiting.
This poety was inspired by knowing a friend I have come to respect and
cherish. ....
... To you my Loving friend, from Chester Dickens.

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