Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why is so hard to be loved?

     Why is it so hard be loved?
When you allow other people to love you then you become defenseless. Recieving love, you become afraid, quiet, you shun those that love you. You push that love away because of pride. It is so easy to give love, the mind and ego feels very good to give love. The mind feels good about itself that it give love to those that are asking. It feels power, control, it has the upper hand. You feel safe giving out love, the ego can boast about itself how wonder and loving you are. The selfishness of the ego has no limits. It would gladly put someone under it's bondage, to make the person depend on him or her for that love. It would demand you submit yourself to some role so it can feel that control. In fact it feels very jealous and possessive that you are not depended upon IT's love. It feel very safe and secure as long as it knows it's the souce of the other person's affection. The ego remains perfectly guarded. But it's a one way street. Deep down inside it's afraid of love.
 Love is a two way street. And that's the problem. When your are recieving you have to be humble , because only in deep humility can love be recieved. You have to consciously drop those defenses, otherwise love will never happen. The ego cannot allow itself to be humble, because in humility it disappears. Then you are completely defenseless. Then you don't know where you are going, what is happening to you. When both dropped their egos, love can happen.
 So you still have to do it self-consconsciously, otherwise you will not be able to do it. You have to be very alert. And whenever you feel that you are blocking, somebody is giving and you are becoming hard, stiff and not allowing it in, Relax.  Say, "Yes". When you feel something deep down inside is going stiff, hard, won't allow any penetration, say yes and relax.
 Love is such a tremendous phenomenon, such a vital energy, people are afraid. It's a whirlwind. It can take you to the unknown, no one knows where will you will land, it's just not predictable. It is so wild that one thing is certain, that if you allow it, you will pass through a death. Something else will be born out of you. When all defenses are gone. Then something is there but you can not say it is you. It is so penetrating that it is neither you nor me or anyone else. It's as if all the individual drops of rain melt together into the vastness of the ocean. It's bigger then any individual.  All become One, the essense of Love.

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