Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why do we cry?

        Why do we cry?
  It's the first thing we do in life. Leaving the comfort and peace of out mother's womb, we awaken into the light of life, we cry. Something has broken inside. The cry is the first thing a child does. The child cries, the mother cries. What is sorrow for one is the joy for the other. Nothing is deeper then tears.
  Passing from one dream to another dream we cry. We are born, we grow, we live, we die. Death makes us cry. Something is gone, someone is gone. We become castaways from those heavenly shores, drifting, lost. We loose that idenity of what we once were. It can disturb you tremendously. It can make  you almost chaotic inside. You will start feeling that you are a mess
because the attitudes and roles that has surround you are no more. They will not be there, you will not be there. You will become more and more vulnerable and open and you will not know who you are.  The old idenity will drop
  People weep only when something has gone wrong. Someone leaves and you cry. Crying seem to be helplessness, so everybody has been taught not to cry.  We are taught keep control, be strong, don't let mind think, don't allow yourself to feel the tears, especially for men. Big boys don't cry. Society has taught men to surpress feelings, it's a sign of weakness. Repressing feelings only make a hard shell around you. There are no tears in you.
 But it's against your being, the core of your life. So don't stop it, in fact allow it and on the contrary enjoy it. So if you can really cry deeply, it can become a Rebirth. Our old self will dissolve into crying. It has a beauty in it, a glory of it's own. It means you have love. Tears are one of the most beautiful things in the world, sometime even better then laughter because laughter can never go so deep. At the most laughter will only go to the surface. But crying can touch the very essense of our beings. More emotions, more passion, more life is hidden in our tears.
 And tears are not always sad. When you are tremendously alive with love you will feel the flow. One word, one gesture from the beloved will make you cry. That crying will be beautiful, blissful. You would like to weep and to allow the tears to overflow with all the joy any heart can experience. They will unburden you and the whole rubbish of your mind will go out through your tears. You will become more fragile, delicate. You will lost that egoistic attitude of always remaining in control. You will become more free, spontaneous, more childlike.
 A man who really knows how to cry and weep will become able to laugh one day. He has earned it.  Laughter that has no tears is very superficial, imposed, painted. If you can cry and allow your total being to go into it and dissolve into it, you will have a totally different quality of laughter arising in you.
  Allow is beautiful.

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